Opening Keynote- Raven Solomon

Diverse Connection: How Associations Thrive in the Future of Work

As 2020 comes to a well-welcomed close for many, we are all asking ourselves the same question—what does the future hold and is my association prepared to thrive within it? In this highly engaging keynote, Generations + Racial Equity thought leader Raven Solomon sheds light on the nearing people trends that should be informing our everyday decisions—from the growing diversity of markets, to the Generational Bottleneck. While we focus on "Connecting the Association Community," learn why Diverse Connection is an imperative to preparing for the future of work and how you can embed it into your tactical and strategic practices both, personally and organizationally, to thrive now and beyond.


State of the Association Industry: Preparing for the Future

The year 2020 has welcomed more disruption in our industry and lives than many of us have seen before. With that comes new opportunity. We've assembled a panel of industry leaders from DI, IAEE, IMEX, and US Travel to discuss what has changed and what the future could look like in the association industry. Join President & CEO of ALHI, Michael Dominguez, as he moderates this panel of power players and dives into where we stand as an industry and how we can come together to leap into the next chapter.

Moderated by:
Michael Dominguez, Associated Luxury Hotels International

  • Don Welsh, President and CEO, Destinations International
  • Natasha Richards, Senior Advocacy & Industry Relations Manager, IMEX Group
  • Tori Emerson Barnes, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, U.S. Travel Association
  • Cathy Breden, EVP/COO, IAEE

Closing Keynote- Mark Schulman

Hacking the Rockstar Attitude: How to Ignite Rockstar Performance During Uncertain Times

To cap off the Holiday Showcase experience keynote speaker and drummer for Pink, Mark Schulman, will lead an interactive experience that we'll co-create. Schulman will share unique perspectives and business-relevant content that you can immediately employ in your business and personal life to lift spirits and improve performance. His mix of storytelling, research, interactive rhythmic processes, live concert footage and drumming performances come together to illustrate that we all have the power to control and choose our attitudes. Together we'll begin upshifting our attitudes that drive our behavior and improving our outlook during these uncertain times. Say goodbye to 2020 and get ready for the new opportunities in 2021 and beyond by harnessing the Rockstar attitude.

Closing Keynote sponsored by:
National Speakers Bureau

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