Exhibitor FAQ


1. Attendees will answer a preset 5 questions as part of registration. These questions are not answered by Consultant/Supplier Partner attendees.
2. Each booth will answer a preset 5 questions that match the attendee questions.
3. The system will run a matching program in mid November.  
4. Each booth will receive a list of all matches one week prior to the event
5. Each booth has 20 appointments available (to share with all booth staff) over two days. December 15 and December 16. The appointment times are all during other active parts of the show (concurrent education sessions and networking lounges). 
6. Each booth can send appointment invites (via the tool) to the attendees from your report to setup appointments.
7. Attendees will receive notification (via the tool) to accept or decline your appointment invite.
8. Booth appointments will transfer to the system for the show.
9. Appointments are set for 12 minutes each, allowing attendees 3 minutes to move to their next session or appointment


1. Video chat runs like an open Zoom meeting for the booth staff
2. Appointments will sit in a hold pattern until you invite them into the video chat
3. Booth staff can come and go from the video chat as needed to move booth staff around. 
4. On 12/15 and 12/16, you can invite anyone to your video chat if you have openings

Attendee email addresses (for those that opt in) will be available for you to access here prior to the show. We typically turn on the attendee list mid October for you to start marketing to attendees. You will have the ability to download the list at your leisure from mid-October till the end of the show.  For attendees that do not opt in, you will also be able to pull down their mailing information as well. 

You will see a link added to your account when you log int for retrieving attendee mailing info in October. 

We have several tactics in place for attendee booth engagement:
1.  Dedicated email to attendees prior to show, sharing the Exhibit Hall hours and exhibitors
2. Booth prizes/giveaways. 
As we have done for the last several years, we will ask exhibitors (closer to show) to provide any booth specials or prizes running in your booth. We will market this information to attendees prior to show.
3. We are encouraging all attendees to participate in the attendee exhibitor matching. This is new for Holiday Showcase
4. Social Media outreach to highlight the exhibit hall
5. Exhibit Hall is free to Association Forum meeting planning members and is an nominal fee for all others. 
4. A How To video will be sent to participants prior to show explaining how to navigate the show and the exhibit hall booths.
5. We will make announcement during the show to remind attendees to visit the exhibit hall as well
6. Consider one of the sponsorship opportunities (Physical Swag Bags or Breifcase Drop) as an added way to engage attendees before and onsite. 

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