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Booth Space Build Questions


General Setup Information
Please select the registration forms you will be using. [REQUIRED]
If you are using multiple sales forms, would you like to keep the sales separated by form?

This setting will separate sales items and payments in the dashboard profile based on the form that was submitted. On the dashboard, when this feature is activated, one company may have multiple profiles/records per form submitted. This feature is commonly used for booth registration/exhibit sales and sponsorship forms; when clients need to keep the financials separate.

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What date would you like your form to be shut down?

The form is still accessible through admin, this is just regarding the public selection. 

Would you like to use our Booth Waitist feature?

Once your map is sold out, exhibitors are able to submit a registration and placed in waitlist status. In the case someone cancels, you will be able to contact the waitlisted exhibitors and assign the booth accordingly. 

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Would you like to use our Priority Point Management module?

Priority points are assigned to companies/exhibitors based on the amount of money they spend. Points are able to be applied automatically based on the total revenue, per sales items (booths, sponsorships, advertisements, etc...) and applied manually by using bonus points (examples are 1st time exhibitor, 5th year exhibitor, etc...).

If you would like to use our priority point management module, we will request the current cumulative points of your past exhibitors and/or company database.

If the client is interested, send them the Priority Point import template. 

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Please enter your merchant account vendor.

When 'special services' are needed by an exhibitor, please enter the email address that should receive the notification.

While companies are filling out the address block on the registration form, we offer them a checkbox to select to identify they will require some type of special service. If they do select it, an email is automatically sent to the email address you enter here. This way, your team knows who to contact to accommodate their special services required. 

CRM / Membership Information
Are you integrating your Association Management System (AMS) with the registration form search?

When eShow integrates with your AMS, it allows our booth registration 'search lookup' to pull companies directly from your AMS. This will pre-fill the registration form address block to ensure the most up to date information is populated. Additional member information and demographic information is able to be pulled from your AMS as well. 

If the client is interested, please ST Education and they will contact the client.

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How are your member rates determined?
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Will you be selling membership to non-members through the registration form?

Doing so will allow non-members to be able to purchase a membership fee, therefore being able to purchase booths at the member rate through the registration form. 

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Booth Registration Process
Please confirm if all of the booth requests will be held for approval. [REQUIRED]
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Will you be using promotion codes?

Promotion codes perform one of two functions.

1. A promotion code can activate a specific sales item to display for the exhibitor with that code to purchase.

2. A promotion code can be assigned to a specific booth(s) for the exhibitor with that code to select/purchase the booth. If exhibitors don't have the promotion code, the booth will not be selectable for them. 

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Do you have any discount codes?

Discount codes are used/applied to take money off (discount) the cost of a booth or other sales items purchased through the registration form. If you are using them, you also have the choice to restrict companies to use only one, or to allow them to apply multiples. It's up to you!

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Please select the booth selection method that applies to your booth registration process. [REQUIRED]

Realtime assignment: Booths are selected in real time, once an exhibitor selects the booth and submits their request, the booth turns Yellow/On Hold. No other exhibitors are able to select it. 

Choice Selection: Exhibitors are able to select their top booth choices. Booths are NOT turned Yellow/On Hold, multiple exhibitors are able to select the same booth(s). You will review the choices and assign the booths to the exhibitors. 

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Did you want to use our standard booth colors?

Our standard colors are blue for available, yellow for on hold, red for sold and green when they click on the booth during the selection process. 

We can change the booths to any RGB color. Also, we can make the booth outlines grey, let us know if you would like that as well. It looks pretty cool. 

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Would you like to sell upgrades?

There are a variety of upgrades we can hook you up with. It doesn't cost you anything, it's just extra revenue! We can set it up so you can sell additional words for the online company description (then collect your show guide description separately at your 'required' limit), additional product categories and you can charge to display their logos in their profiles. 

Would you like to include the directory profile step on the registration form?

This information is public exhibitor information, displayed in the exhibitor profile. The exhibitor profile is accessed through the exhibitor list by clicking on the exhibitor name, and through the online floor plan by clicking on the exhibitor’s booth. 

If you don't want it listed on the registration form, it will only be available through the Exhibitor Service Center. Either way works for us. 

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Do you require registrants to inital and agree to the rules/regs or just 'read/open' them?

We have the options when it comes to rules/regs. We can force the registrant to Only click a check box to agree to them, open the document, or open the document / enter initials OR enter their full name and click I agree - then click checkbox to submit (full name is the best!).

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Do you have sub-exhibitors?

Sub-exhibitors are assigned to exhibitors and share the booth with the primary exhibitor.

Sub-exhibitor features:
1. They are listed in the booth mouse-over.
2. They are linked in the primary exhibitor profile to show their profile.
3. Sub exhibitors are able to login to the ESC OR the primary exhibitor wil manage the sub-exhibitor directory updates. 


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