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Forum Forward 2020

Looking for the Forum Forward virtual conference site? You can find it here.

Each year, association professionals across Chicagoland come to Forum Forward to prepare themselves for what’s on the horizon in their profession through quality educational content, and the sharing of knowledge with others in the industry.

Why is this the most important year yet to attend?
Association Forum is equipped to help you navigate a changing world, and we’ll do that with:

  • A presentation of our diversity and inclusion Welcoming Environment® research study
  • Tools for remaining relevant in the midst of change
  • Professional development skills to build your personal brand and make you more marketable

So how will we do that virtually?
The day will be interspersed with:

  • Video chats focused on hot topics for small-group discussions with your colleagues
  • Speaker interviews to hear more from our industry experts
  • Stretch breaks to get you up and out of your chair
  • Yoga to help you refocus

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