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Attendee FAQs

Refund FAQs

  • Tickets purchased before August 1st are eligible for a refund according to the following schedule:
    - 75% refund if requested prior to May 1, 2024
    - 50% refund if requested after May 1, 2024, but before July 1, 2024
    - 30% refund if requested after July 1, 2024, but before August 1, 2024
    - All refunds are subject to a $50 processing fee.
    - All ticket transfers are subject to a $75 processing fee.

  • Ticket holders may request a voucher for the face value of their ticket amount in lieu of a partial refund at any point until August 1st.
  • In the event the conference is rescheduled or moved to a fully virtual format due to local, state, or federal mandate, full refunds will be given for 30 days following the announcement. After those 30 days, voucher credit will be issued for the difference in live and virtual tickets which can be applied to additional courses in 2024 or 2025. Should an attendee prefer to roll all credit to 2025, this will also be allowed.
  • Refunds will be issued back to the original ticket buyer and credit card. Aesthetic Next will not be able to delegate refunds to anyone else or place a refund on a different card.
  • In the event an attendee cannot attend due to a verified local, state, or federal mandate restricting their travel (including international regulations), their ticket will be transferred to a virtual option with the difference returned as a 2024 or 2025 voucher. 
  • In the event, a speaker cannot attend a workshop, where he or she is the only presenter, due to local, state, federal, or international guidelines and the organizers are unable to provide a similar live experience (additional speaker), attendees will have live stream access to the speaker during a simulcast session onsite. The difference in a virtual and live ticket will be credited back via a voucher to live attendees. If a second faculty is present, the session is considered "live."
  • In the event a refund is requested on a multi-ticket order where a quantity discount has been given, refunds will be awarded starting from the lowest price ticket regardless of which ticket was purchased by the requestor. 

Attendance FAQs
  • In the event our venue must reduce capacity based on local, state or federal mandates, tickets will be honored in order from the date of purchase. Any attendees who are unable to attend do to capacity restrictions will have the option to transfer their live ticket to virtual and apply their credit balance to additional workshops or roll the credit to the following year.
  • The attendance limit of the hands-on, small group cadaver lab is final. 
  • In the event an attendee comes to Aesthetic Next 6.0 but is unable to attend once onsite due to a positive COVID test, they will be able to attend virtually and the difference in their live ticket will be credited back as a voucher for additional classes in 2024 or 2025.
  • Attendees who purchase a live ticket have access to all general conference events happening at the meeting venue, as well as virtual 6-month access to all general content. For additional workshop access, those respective tickets must be purchased
  • Live attendees may purchase virtual workshop access if they have a time conflict during the live event while attending a separate live workshop. 
  • Virtual workshops will not be streamed live in 2024. They will be available within 3 business days of the AN 6.0 meeting. 
  • To attend any session or event other than a specific workshop, an attendee must have a General Admission pass. This includes general admission sessions, meals, vendor-sponsored events, breaks, etc.
  • Attendees are expected to manage their own ticket needs, including changes, from inside the Attendee Service Center. This will ensure changes are correctly made and in a timely manner. 
  • At any point, an attendee can add more courses to their registration by visiting the Attendee Service Center and adding them on. 
  • In order to receive CME credits, each attendee must be registered with a unique name and email address and specify their credentials at the time of registration. CME credits are obtained through an email and password protected portal, and an email can only be used by one person. 
  • In the event a badge is lost, a $300 reprint fee is a applied. 
  • Attendees must wear their badges at all times to enter general tracks and workshops. 
  • Attendee badges will be scanned prior to admittance in a workshop. If an attendee has purchased a ticket, they will receive the green light to enter the workshop. If the attendee receives a red light, they can buy a workshop ticket onsite as long as the workshop is not at capacity. 
  • Attendees who have not purchased a ticket to The NEXTIES will not be allowed into the event. This includes access to any meals or drinks associated with the event. 
  • The event attire is Business Casual, but scrubs are certainly permitted. There will be multiple opportunities to capture Instagrammable moments, and attendees may be featured in future advertisements. Dress accordingly!

Temporary & Compact Licensing Resources
Disclaimer: Use of Licensing Resources for Injecting Processes
Temporary & Compact Licensing Resources
  • Information on temporary and compact licensing is for informational purposes only.
  • We do not interpret or advise on the legalities of medical licensing in any jurisdiction.
Event Scope:
  • The information applies to injecting processes during sponsored lectures, in-booth treatments, live demonstrations in conference spaces, and similar events.
Professional Responsibility:
  • It's your responsibility to understand and comply with legal requirements for medical practice and procedure execution in any state. 
  • Ensure strict compliance with state laws and professional regulations.
Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Participants:
  • We do not verify legal compliance or assume liability for your actions.
  • Independently verify your legal standing to inject or perform services in any jurisdiction.
Risk and Indemnification:
  • Engaging in medical procedures at events is at your own risk.
  • You agree to indemnify our organization against any claims or legal actions related to your practice or non-compliance.
  • A Hold Harmless Agreement is required for all injectable procedures inside the Exhibit Hall (i.e. Booth, Exhibit Hall Stage, Treatment Lounge, etc.). Please see the Exhibitor Checklist to download a copy of this document.
Acknowledgment and Acceptance:
  • Participation indicates your understanding and acceptance of these terms.
  • For uncertainties or legal clarifications, seek legal counsel.