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Pre-Summit Workshops Agenda

August 17, 2021

9:00-10:30 a.m. CDT

Workshop: Build a pipeline of workers that leads to your door
Instructor: Julie Davis, AEM

If you’ve ever wondered what else you could be doing to build your workforce pipeline, this is the workshop for you. In this session, you will examine your workforce development strengths and opportunities and prioritize new strategies to meet your goals and needs.

Learn how to:

· Target different pools of workers

· Identify organizations in your community to connect with

· Engage potential workers outside your doors to lead to success

· Use “buy, borrow, build or bridge” strategies when seeking employees

Stop doing what you’ve always done and take two hours to equip yourself with new ideas based on industry best practices.

Optional pre-work: Take the AEM Workforce Development Organizational Assessment in the AEM Workforce Solutions Toolkit

About the Instructor:

Julie Davis brings workforce leadership to AEM through her deep understanding of industry-specific workforce challenges and by connecting members with new and innovative workforce strategies through her work with educators, partner organizations and other industry thought leaders.

During her time at AEM, she has also worked with members to develop a robust workforce development strategic plan and led the research and content development for the Workforce Solutions Toolkit launched in 2021.



$75 AEM Members, $99 Non-members

August 18, 2021

8:30-11:00 a.m. CDT

The Recruiting and Retention Solution

Instructor: Chris Czarnik

The biggest issue facing businesses in the next five years will be the inability to recruit and retain great people in their organization. This program will discuss the worker shortage and how long it will last.

Learn how to:

· Recruit differently by creating personas of ideal applicants

· Create a retention model

· Make a “parking lot” for talent in your organization


Required pre-work: Prework should be completed prior to the workshop and will be available in the near future.

About the Instructor:

Chris Czarnik is a national career search and talent acquisition expert with 20 years of HR, training and conference speaking experience. He created and refined the innovative process approach to job searching, known as “The Human Search Engine®” by working with thousands of jobseekers. In 2016, the US Congress adopted this process as their outplacement tool for outgoing members and their staff.

Czarnik is also an author and was named a Subject Matter Expert on career related topics for Pearson Publishing. His third book, Winning the War for Talent, was released in July of 2018 and serves as a talent model to more than 2,500 organizations across the country.



$75 AEM Members, $99 Non-members