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Argument - Presentation - Evidence - Reason

AEM’s 2022 Product Liability Seminar will take the form of a Mock Trial, complete with evidence presentations and argument from adversarial parties and a verdict rendered by seminar attendees.

The mock “case” presents litigation components involving issues and assertions similar to those that equipment manufacturers can face. See agenda here!

The Mock Trial presentation will address real world issues like

- Interaction with dealerships/distributors

- Third-party after-market parts being placed on an OEM machine

- user fault

- state of the art design

- duty to warn

- post-manufacture alteration/failure to maintain

- compliance with industry standards

- documentation of evidence

It will focus on these issues in the context of the fact scenario and presentation by a team of experienced trial lawyers.

The Mock Trial will be presented by a team assembled by the firm of Ricci Tyrrell Johnson & Grey, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. This firm presented a very successful Mock Trial during AEM’s 2017 Product Liability Seminar.

Be sure to reserve a seat to observe key arguments and testimony, condensed into 1 day, selected to deliver insight and lessons of value to every attendee.


This seminar presentation is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice nor does it create an attorney/client relationship between AEM seminar attendees or readers or recipients of seminar materials on the one hand and AEM or the presenting attorneys on the other. Attendees, readers and/or recipients of seminar materials should consult counsel of their own choosing to discuss how seminar content may relate to their individual circumstances.