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Take the initiative to show your organization why and how your attendance at the ACHI National Conference will strengthen your performance and your organization and benefit those you serve.

Justification Tips

Attending the ACHI National Conference is a cost-effective professional and organizational development choice. It is the most relevant and densely packed educational and networking opportunity available to community health professionals like you. You will experience a full year of benefits in the form of new and greater knowledge that you can apply directly to achieving your organization's goals.

Here are tips for getting support to attend the ACHI National Conference:

  • Explain in specific terms what you will gain by attending and how that will benefit your work, your organization's goals and your community.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a briefing to your colleagues and/or the leadership team to share what you learn so that others in your division will receive the benefits of your attendance.
  • Share speaker handouts and slide decks with your colleagues. As an attendee, you will have unlimited access to speakers' materials.
  • Explain the need to stay abreast of new developments and to acquire valuable tools, perspectives and relationships that will help your organization anticipate and adapt to the future.
  • Prepare a plan showing who will cover for you and how critical work will get done while you are attending the conference.

Talking Points

Use or adapt any of the points below to help you communicate the purpose of this conference and why it is important for you to attend.

What is the ACHI National Conference?

  • The conference is the annual meeting of the Association for Community Health Improvement. An affiliate of the American Hospital Association, ACHI is the premier national association for community health, community benefit and healthy communities professionals.
  • ACHI provides educational programming and networking opportunities for professionals working to improve the health of the communities they serve.
  • The conference attracts more than 700 attendees from the health care, public health and community development fields.

What is ACHI?

  • The Association for Community Health Improvement is the premier national association for community health, community benefit and healthy communities professionals. It delivers education, professional development, peer networking and practical tools that help expand knowledge and enhance performance in achieving community health goals.
  • ACHI is a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association and is one of AHA's primary vehicles for supporting hospitals and health systems in fulfilling their community health and community benefit program activities.

Why attend the ACHI National Conference?

  • Population and community health are the future of the U.S. health care system, and the field is adapting to new requirements and opportunities. Be at the forefront of this evolving environment by learning and networking at the ACHI conference. Learn what strategies, tactics and organizational capacities are being adopted by your peer organizations to make an impact on community health.
  • The ACHI National Conference is a unique meeting that takes a systems view of health improvement, blending community health, community benefit, population health and healthy communities strategies. Educational content includes cutting-edge practices from around the United States and the latest research on how health care systems can collaborate with community partners to improve health.
  • This is the conference most focused on both strategy and tactics for community health program leaders. It addresses emerging thinking on community health in accountable care, community health needs assessment, community benefit program practices, evidence-based practices and social determinants of health.
  • It is the largest gathering of hospital-based community health vice presidents, managers and division heads, with more than 600 attendees.

Continuing Education Credits

ACHI is proud to offer the following continuing education credits for the National Conference:

Benefits of Participation

Benefits from the educational program

State your organization’s specific goals or needs, and then explain how components of the conference will help meet those needs.

Session content: Which topic tracks or specific sessions have particular relevance to your department or organization's current priorities and goals? Are there sessions that will provide insight into a particular challenge or goal your organization is facing? Identify specifically what you can use and how.

Training and skills development: Which sessions are most relevant to your professional development goals or your organization's expectations of you? What new skills or approaches will you bring back?

Strategic benefits from the educational program

“The field is changing rapidly and in uncertain ways. Our organization needs to anticipate, understand and adapt to changes both in the policy environment and in professional practice. The ACHI National Conference will show how hospitals and their community partners are leading the health care transformation to promote community health improvement.”

“Attending the ACHI National Conference will enable us to see how the field is changing: value-based payment. bundle payments, population health management, Schedule H, the evolving role of community benefit professionals, the need for multisector collaboration, growing sophistication in program design and evaluation, and increasing connections among community health, community benefit, population health and healthy communities.”

Networking benefits

“This conference will enable us to meet and interact with community health, community benefit, population health and healthy communities professionals in similar roles from organizations around the country. We will be able to take the pulse of what our peer organizations are talking about and planning for and how they are accomplishing [specific goal or activity].”

Team capacity-building benefits

“The conference will help build our team by providing a forum for team members to learn and discuss best practices, new tools and emerging trends. Doing this together will build a shared knowledge base for applying this information to improve our strategies, programs, processes and outcomes.”

Exhibit hall benefits

The conference will showcase leading vendors with tools and services for health promotion, program design and evaluation, community health assessment and community benefit. The ACHI National Conference is an opportunity to meet a variety of vendors, collect information and compare competing firms.

Post-Conference Reporting

Commit to preparing and sharing a one- to three-page conference report with your team to convey key information about the conference to people who did not attend. Examples of information you might include are:

  • Executive summary of key themes, concerns, ideas and promising practices;
  • Keynote session highlights;
  • Specific breakout session highlights (e.g., program ideas or recommendations);
  • Networking event takeaways (e.g., new contacts, why they are important, who will follow up and when); and
  • Information about products and services gathered from conversations with vendors in the exhibit hall.

We look forward to seeing you at the ACHI National Conference!

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