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Proposal Information

Thank you for your interest in presenting at FETC 2018. You must use this online process to submit proposals for FETC 2018 by April 28, 2017. The Future of Education Technology Conference offers unparalleled opportunities to explore the evolving role of technology in the enhancement of learning and improvement of performance in PK-12 schools and districts. FETC brings together a collaborative community of educational leaders and technology experts to exchange techniques and empower participants with strategies for teaching and learning success.

Discover the future of education technology at FETC 2018, the premier international conference for the integration of education technology into the PK-12 community. Fuel your inspiration for innovative teaching and learning with expert- and peer-led sessions in topics and technologies that reach across the curriculum, all grade levels and areas of school management. The most dynamic and creative minds in the learning landscape—administrators, district-level leaders, state and national policy leaders and educators —gather at FETC to take part in this four-day exchange of ideas and techniques for the continuing pursuit of excellence. Be inspired by education technology implementations in compelling sessions, workshops and events for education professionals, industry leaders and policy practitioners committed to the future of teaching and learning.

FETC invites education technology professionals representing all levels, content areas and specialties, as well as industry and technology experts, to submit an application to present. If selected, your presentation will be scheduled for the international conference, January 23-26, 2018. Consider presenting at FETC to:

• Gain exposure for your work, your school and your district.

• Inform administrators and educators looking for collaborative strategies, inventive techniques and technological implementations to enhance learning and improve student performance.

• Share successful classroom practices, creative teaching and learning solutions, research and products that show emerging promise for PK-12 education and the evolving role of technology.

• Become part of a vibrant partnership that has made FETC conferences “must-attend” education technology events for more than 37 years.

By sharing your successful practices that transform learning for all students, you can help inspire and encourage other administrators, educators, information technologists and executives to creatively deploy technologies and expand the possibilities of learning through educational technology.

Information Needed to Complete Application:

The information gathered during this process will be used to prepare the program, website, signs, and the mobile app. Please be sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate. To download a preview of the application, click here.

• Title of presentation (10 word maximum) (may be edited for publication)

• Session description to be used by the program review committee in evaluating your submission (100 word maximum)

• Names and email address of co-presenters


FETC attendees represent all 50 states and over 40 countries. Our attendees have varied professional roles in education, but all are educational technology leaders: administrators, IT directors, instructional designers, academic computing professionals, media specialists, technology integration specialists, tech-savvy faculty, and others charged with technology implementations on campuses, districts and states.

Vendor Presentations

Companies, organizations and individuals representing technology-related products are invited to submit a session. Presentations from vendors MUST include the CEO (or head of products at larger companies) and a case study from a VP-level practitioner as co-presenter. Proposals from vendors without a client co-presenter (school, district or state level user of your product) will NOT be considered. In addition, all corporate approvals to speak must be secured before submitting a proposal.


When submitting an application to present, please identify which of the following tracks best fits your proposal. Our Program Selection Committee will evaluate proposals in all tracks based on their value and relevance.

Future of EdTech Administrator

This track offers sessions dynamically designed for superintendents, assistant superintendents, district administrators, state education leaders, principals, media specialists, technologists, facilities management directors, finance directors and virtual school leadership.

With today's rapidly evolving technologies, institutional pressures for accountability, and a challenging economy, education leaders are facing their most challenging operational environment to date. Presentations will focus on educational policy and the use of technology as a strategic tool for school improvement and transformation, including, state/federal technology policies and eRate, data driven decision making, how to make purchasing and budgeting decisions, facilities and financial management and the implications of product implementation and purchasing information. Additionally this track will emphasize incorporating emergent technologies, nascent digital tools and technological resources to enhance education. These initiatives represent the most innovative thinking in the application of technology and technology strategy in education.

Future of EdTech Educator

This track offers sessions for tech savvy educators, curriculum designers, online educators, technology integration specialists, grant developers, professional development trainers and pre-service teachers.

Educator presentations address how classrooms are using the technologies available to expand their learning environment beyond the classroom and engage all learners. Presentations will share engaging pedagogical methods, practical strategies to plan, integrate curriculum and manage technology in classrooms, including utilization of mobile devices, game based learning and digital tools to deliver curriculum and content fostering creative and critical thinking. Best practices shared will highlight effective teacher technology integration and just-in-time technology solutions that provide digital content, as well as instructional technologies and customizable learning materials. Presentations will address how online, flipped, blended, personalized and hybrid learning environments are used to promote high academic performance. This track will feature ways to improve interactive communication, assessment, feedback, support, and content delivery whether it is synchronous or asynchronous.

Future of EdTech Information Technology

This track is designed to meet the training needs of state and district chief information officers, information technology directors, technologists, technology integration specialists, web designers, IT staff, network administrators, and media specialists.

School and District level IT organizations today must effectively manage large-scale institutional technology programs and enterprise implementations. The institutional technology infrastructure is defining the institution. This track gives attendees an opportunity to examine the technology infrastructure, networks, data administration, security and internet access that shape institutions. Presentations will focus on the use of technology infrastructure to support the management of information systems and support the learning environments such as desktop virtualization, implementation of 1 to 1 computing, solutions to bandwidth issues, implementation of wireless environments and the roll out of devices, services and information systems processes. Presentations in this track can also focus on campus safety and security as well as product research, purchasing and implementation at the school, district and state levels.

Future of EdTech Special Education

This focus area attracts visionaries in Special Education including district and school level special education directors, educators, technologists, and technology integration specialists.

This track will explore the latest in assistive and instructional technology in special education. Sessions will introduce software and technologies in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, virtual worlds, art and music to support all students in a universal, differentiated core curriculum through a multi-tiered system of supports. Presentations will introduce educators to a range of assistive technologies and Universal Design for Learning tools that can increase academic achievement. Technology professionals and practitioners will provide guidance in matching technology solutions to student needs as well as share successful implementations of technologies in special education classrooms.

Future of EdTech Early Learning

This track is designed to educate preschool directors, curriculum designers, educators, child development researchers and early childhood school administrators who work in early learning facilities servicing children ages 3-6 years old and their families about the role of technology and learning.

When used with child development in mind, technologies and interactive media can effectively support early learning and development of young children and help families support their children’s at home learning. This track will guide early childhood directors and educators as they make decisions about how and when to incorporate technology into their programs and will provide product and purchasing information for emerging devices and developmentally appropriate technology tools. Sessions in this track will highlight ongoing research on technology and young children, share strategies of implementing digital citizenship and equitable assess, as well as how to manage and utilize technology to communicate with colleagues, parents, students and the broader community.

Presentation Types

FETC is accepting applications for all of the session formats described below. You will be required to select the preferred session type, and then be given the opportunity to indicate other session types that you would consider for the proposed presentation if you are not selected for your first choice.

Keynotes & Featured Speakers
High-profile speakers will engage attendees on important topics and content that are reflective of the prevailing themes of the conference. These highly regarded edtech professionals are passionate about sharing their expertise with audiences.

Concurrent Sessions
FETC Concurrent sessions are 40 minute or 60 minute sessions, set theater style for up to 200 attendees. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own devices to sessions. Presenters should keep this in mind when developing content. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audience with interactive conversation and activities about emerging technologies and creative implementations.

Panel Sessions
Panel Sessions have between 3-5 expert speakers who share equally throughout the presentation. Panel sessions are often moderated by a visionary leader who engages the panel and audience. The varied backgrounds and experiences of each speaker will create an interactive energy and provide an educational outlook for the audience. Panel presentations may add up to 4 panelists in addition to the moderator.

Skill Builders Sessions
These twenty-minute sessions held in mini-theaters help attendees learn a skill to take back to their districts! Attendees participate in 20-minute hands-on demonstration sessions and learn a skill to take back to their classroom and use right away!

STEM Presentations
Attendees learn how to implement STEM content from education experts representing award-winning schools across the country in these 30-minute sessions in a theater built in the Exhibit Hall. The FETC STEM Excellence Award winners and STEM experts will share their lessons and discuss the best tools and techniques for these innovative programs!

FETC workshops are deep dive, hands-on professional learning activities designed to give attendees new skills and strategies in educational technology. They are offered in computer labs or as a BYOD. Workshops require attendees to pay an additional fee to participate. Workshop presenters are expected to develop effective hands-on activities to ensure the workshop attendee the best professional development opportunity. Workshops are offered in 2 hour lengths only.

Workshop Lab Types:
PC Lab - FETC will provide a laptop for each attendee to use during the hands-on workshops.
Mac Lab - FETC will provide an Apple device for every two attendees to use during the hands-on workshops.
iPad Lab/ BYOD - FETC will provide an Apple iPad for use during the hands-on workshops, if needed. Attendees are encouraged to BYOD for these workshops.
*If submitting a proposal for a lab workshop, you must identify the type of lab you would prefer (PC, MAC or non-specific).

Poster presentations feature a detailed graphic display of innovative projects and technology implementations. These presentations include materials such as photos and graphics, posted on a bulletin board in the designated poster area. Posters allow attendees to talk one-on-one and get in-depth information from innovators eager to share their promising ideas, current research, successful projects and best practices in educational technology. This is a great opportunity to network and discuss issues and technology integration projects with others from around the country. FETC Presenters are provided with a 3’ x 4’ cork board on an easel, with plenty of pushpins. There is no access to power or to Internet, so if you plan to use a laptop or other device, you’ll need to pre-load presentation materials and run on battery power!


Learning Labs
Taking place in Exhibit Hall Theaters, these sessions are led by industry experts who discuss and demonstrate the latest technologies and applications for advancing student achievement and improving process management. To purchase a Learning Lab, please contact your FETC Sales Representative:

Companies A - K

Stephanie Chiavaras

Phone: 617-784-3577

Email: schiavaras@lrp.com

Companies L - Z

Fred Kurst

Phone: 703-393-8304

Email: fkurst@lrp.com

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