ASHRM 2017 Opening Keynote: Paul LeSage

Moving Left of BANG! Reliability and Proactive Risk Management

Presented by:
RL Solutions

Safety efforts in health care are too often focused on "Right of BANG" responses to risk – we wait for undesirable events to occur and then use retrospective response models and outdated risk matrices to try and resolve the problem. Moving to the "other side of BANG" – the proactive side requires a very different approach.

In this presentation, Paul LeSage will share how a "Healthcare Reliability Organizing" approach can be used to make substantive progress in improving patient outcomes, quality, service and operational goals. Managing risk "left of BANG" deploys the successful concepts from proactive risk management systems used in commercial aviation, firefighting and the military.

This keynote will discuss the common problems associated with popular safety programs in addition to the structural and/or cultural impediments to reliability and how to overcome them.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply an approach for managing risk "Left of BANG" to reduce risk and maximize value
  • Identify the critical role of a collaborative approach when analyzing risk
  • Address how setting realistic targets is critical to measuring outcomes and incremental improvement

Paul LeSage spent 29 years at TVF&R as a Firefighter/Paramedic, served on the Technical Rescue and Dive Team, and was a Flight Paramedic for several years at Life Flight Network in Portland, Oregon. He retired from the fire department as the Assistant Chief of Operations in January 2010, and has over 36 years of experience in emergency services as a provider and executive. He spent two years as the Interim Director at Washington County's 911 Center, implementing a unique QI and Performance Program.

Paul currently works as a Senior Advisor and Incident Analyst with SG-Collaborative Solutions, where he is part of a team that deconstructs and analyzes aviation and healthcare events. In addition, Paul regularly conducts Probabilistic Risk Analyses, Crew Resource Management, and Reliability Management consulting for high consequence organizations across the United States, Canada, and Australia. He collaborates with commercial aviation and healthcare clients to create high probability risk management plans, and currently works with the Harvard Medical Group, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Toronto SickKids Hospital, Boston Children's, American Airlines, the Joint Military Command of Australia and New Zealand, and many other clients. He holds degrees in Organizational Communications, Human Factors Analysis, EMS, and Fire Science.

Paul has authored a popular book on Crew Resource Management in Fire & EMS (Jones & Bartlett Publishing), and was also the founder of Informed Publishing, which created Fire, Nursing, Law Enforcement, and EMS Field Guides and mobile applications, which are used throughout the US and in many foreign countries.

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