ASHRM 2017 Keynotes

ASHRM 2017 features five engaging and enlightening keynotes from high profile speakers to inspire and provide insights on the most important topics happening in the health care risk management field.

Sunday, October 15

ASHRM 2017 Opening Keynote – Moving Left of BANG! Reliability and Proactive Risk Management

Paul LeSage

Presented by RL Solutions

Moving to the “other side of BANG” – the proactive side requires a very different approach. In this presentation, Paul LeSage will share how a “Healthcare Reliability Organizing” approach can be used to make substantive progress in improving patient outcomes, quality, service and operational goals. Managing risk “Left of BANG” deploys the successful concepts from proactive risk management systems used in commercial aviation, firefighting and the military.

Tuesday, October 17

Keynote Panel – Prescriptions for Safer More Effective Opioid Use

We all see stories daily from around our country that bring home the human toll of the opioid crisis. The ASHRM 2017 Tuesday Keynote Panel brings together healthcare providers, researchers and policymakers to make sense of where we are in containing and reversing this problem.

Wednesday, October 18

Keynote – Case Law Update 2017


This presentation will recap case law developments over the past year that are of interest to healthcare risk managers. Subjects will include medical malpractice, emergency medicine, informed consent, confidentiality of medical information and other topics.

Keynote - ERM Best Practices and Benefits: A Case Study
James Lam

James Lam is a pioneering chief risk officer and early advocate of enterprise risk management (ERM). In this keynote address, James will discuss emerging best practices in ERM and provide a compelling case study based on his experience as Chairman of the Risk Oversight Committee at E*TRADE Financial.

Closing Keynote – Never, Ever Give Up – The Power of Perseverance
Diana Nyad, Record-Breaking Athlete
Diana Nyad

Presented by RL Solutions

Diana Nyad, the world-record holder who swam from Cuba to Florida at age 64, knows a thing or two about perseverance. Even after dangerous conditions cancelled two her previous attempts and jellyfish stings and burns made every swimming stroke excruciatingly painful, she never gave up. In the ASHRM 2017 Closing Keynote, Diana will share her inspirational and entertaining stories and provide insight on how she powers through to achieve the impossible.

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