HRM Certificate Program Module 1: Essentials in HRM



Establish core competencies and understand emerging trends for a successful HRM program.

Subject areas

  • Enterprise risk management principles
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Risk control, risk financing
  • Claims management
  • Statutes, standards and regulations
  • Program development


ASHRM recommends that you take the modules in sequence, as information expands from one module to the next. Essentials is an ideal educational base for new risk managers, and an excellent up-to-date refresher for more experienced professionals. As the next step, Applications shows how the principles described in Essentials actually work in the real world. The Advanced Forum consists of expertly guided, small-group analysis of complex challenges, and is most beneficial when all participants are able to share their proven solutions.


Methods of instruction for the modules include lecture, discussion, classroom exercises and a case study.

Verification of Completion

Upon completion of all three modules of the Healthcare Risk Management Program, ASHRM is pleased to award a certificate of completion for the entire program. Candidates must complete and return the certificate of completion application, along with copies of each module’s certificate, to ASHRM to be eligible for the certificate of completion. Once received, ASHRM will process and send back the certificate of completion to the successful participant.

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