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Eliminating the Environment as a Source of Infection: Electrostatic Technology for Cleaning and Disinfection


Electrostatic spraying is an innovative technology that enables disinfectants to reach the side, underside and backside of your hardest-to-reach surfaces. This technology was recently introduced for cleaning and disinfecting healthcare surfaces. Dr. Velez will provide an overview of electrostatic technology, including where it originated, how it works, and what benefits it offers for disinfection of hard and soft surfaces in healthcare. Mr. Feagins will then discuss his experiences using an electrostatic spraying system at his facility, including where he has seen value in applying the technology, challenges he overcame when introducing the technology, and how he trains his environmental services staff to use the device.

Katherine Velez, PhD
Senior Scientist
The Clorox Company

Mr. Daryl Feagins
Director, Environmental Services/Linen
Columbus Regional Healthcare System

Pathogens: You have the power to control them


An engaging discussion about the microbiology and the transmission of pathogens along with immediate steps you can take, related to disinfection and hygiene, to prevent the spread of infection. The presentation reviews how pathogens live and die, the cycle of transmission, and the critical role of handwashing and drying in breaking that cycle. Underscoring all of this will be changes the Environmental Services Professional can implement to improve the health of the infection control ecosystem.

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