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Something for Nothing

Monday September 24, 2018
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Changing economic times have caused many organizations to rethink the way they manage, motivate, lead, inspire and hold people accountable for performance at work. But some employees, particularly those with tenure, develop a sense of entitlement and believe they deserve what they get because it's owed to them. Entitled employees do not feel obligated to perform to their maximum potential, are more difficult to work with, frequently resist change and are less likely to respect leaders. They may also cause considerable problems for those employees who are doing their jobs each day without complaining. This high-level, energetic and content driven session will address how attitudes positively and negatively affect team performance morale, customer service, personal accountability and leadership's ability to get things done.

Speaker Bio:

Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP, is a leadership/communication/culture implementation strategist, professional motivational keynote speaker and trainer who reinforces personalized messages with humor, passion, enthusiasm and authenticity. His mission is to help organizations translate their culture into a matching workplace climate that inspires leadership excellence, high performance, team engagement, superior service, risk reduction and personal accountability. He has degrees in both Safety Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health and is one of fewer than 800 people worldwide to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

As CEO and Chief Culture Officer, Bruce has presented in all 50 states, delivering enthusiastic keynotes and strategic training programs for over thirty years to thousands of audiences, hundreds of businesses, associations, hospitals and other organizations.


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